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Welcome to our life insurance litigation website. We have created this website as a resource for people who have been denied payment on a life insurance policy after a loved one has passed away.

Many people apply for, and obtain, life insurance policies as a way to help their loved ones after they pass away. A life insurance policy can provide surviving beneficiaries with much needed financial support after a family member dies.

Unfortunately, when your loved one dies, some life insurance companies look for an excuse to deny the claim. Insurance companies are big businesses and they want to minimize their expenses. In some cases, the insurance company may deny a life insurance claim based on an alleged misstatement in the application.

In New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts,  the insurance companies have two years to “look back” at the application to find what the insurance company claims is a material misrepresentation in the application as the basis for denying the claim. This look back period is called the contestability period. They can even deny the life insurance claim when the misstatement had nothing to do with the applicant’s death.

Experienced Life Insurance Claim Denial Attorneys Stand By Ready to Help You

If you have filed a life insurance claim and have been denied, or think you might be denied, we may be able to help you.

The life insurance claims attorneys at Trief & Olk are experienced in life insurance law, terminology, applications, and practices. We will represent you aggressively in negotiations with your life insurance company and if they don’t agree to pay the benefits to which you are entitled, we will take them to court to prove your claim.

Even if you don’t live in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts,  if your life insurance company is based in New York or New Jersey (and many of them are located within these areas), we may be able to help you recover the life insurance benefits you deserve.

Learn more about life insurance and life insurance denials on our Frequently Asked Life Insurance Denial Questions page, and learn about the many Types of Life Insurance Cases we handle.

If your loved one has passed away, and your life insurance company has denied the life insurance claim, please contact the law firm of Trief & Olk. Our attorneys are experienced with life insurance denial claims and we will help you get the life insurance proceeds you need and deserve.

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