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  • Life Insurance Policies with Vanishing Premiums – and Vanishing Policies Many life insurance companies have sold life insurance policies with the enticing premise that the premiums paid in the early years of the policy will accrue interest that will pay for the premiums owed in the later years.
  • Don’t Lose Life Insurance Coverage When you Need it Most – When you are Gravely ill Many employers provide employees with the option to purchase group life insurance coverage in addition to basic coverage provided by the employer and paid for by the employer. This coverage, often referred to as optional, voluntary, or supplemental life insurance, does not, necessarily remain in place once the employee has left the company. As attorneys ...
  • Life Insurance Ramifications of DNA Sequencing With the advent of affordable DNA sequencing, nearly one million Americans have had their DNA tested.  Yet from a life insurance standpoint, the consequences of such a decision remain unclear.  The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) passed in 2008 specifically excluded life, disability, and long-term care insurance from its protections.  As a result, many patients ...
  • Buying and Selling Life Insurance Policies in New York A ruling by the New York Court of Appeals has paved the way for individuals to buy life insurance policies and transfer them as investments. Kramer v. Phoenix Life centered on attorney Arthur Kramer’s acquisition of several life insurance policies totaling $56.2 million in coverage that were subsequently sold to unaffiliated investors. The ...
  • New York Life Insurance Claim Lawyer Filing a life insurance claim after your loved one passes away seems like it should be a simple and quick process. You assume that when the company agreed to the policy, and your loved one’s death met the policy criteria for a claim, that there was no way the life insurance company would deny the ...
  • Life Insurance Denial Lawyer When your life insurance claim is denied, don’t accept an unfair decision and give up. In most states, insurance companies have up to two years to investigate an approved insurance policy and deny the policy or a claim.
  • Life Insurance Denial Lawsuit Thousands of life insurance claims are denied each year by companies that say the policy application misrepresents facts about your loved one. The news media report that the amount of money denied to beneficiaries has doubled in the past decade.
  • Life Insurance Denial Attorney in New Jersey Policyholders purchase life insurance to ensure their loved ones have a comfortable life after they pass away. They would be shocked to find out the claim was denied and their loved ones couldn’t make house payments on time or afford basic health care.
  • Life Insurance Denial Attorney Before your loved one passed away, he or she decided to purchase a life insurance policy to ensure you wouldn’t be burdened with large debt and that you would have a promising future.
  • Life Insurance Claim Lawyer When a loved one passes away, the last thing you need is the hassle of a contested life insurance claim. Many times, your loved one has purchased life insurance to help defray the costs associated with an expensive burial and funeral, and you need the money immediately.
  • Life Insurance Claim Lawsuit When a life insurance claim is denied and the appeal is also denied, your next step is engaging in a life insurance claim lawsuit.
  • Life Insurance Claim Attorney Filing a life insurance claim after your loved one passes away isn’t always simple. Once you’ve worked through the system and lodged a claim with the insurance company, there’s still a chance it will be denied.
  • Prescription Drug Use and Material Misrepresentations The rise in prescription drug use in the United States has had a direct impact on life insurance claims. The Center for Disease Control recently released figures, from May 8, 2013, that indicate that over 22,000 deaths occur from pharmaceutical drugs each year, of which over 16,500 are related to opioid analgesic overdoses.
  • MetLife v. Glenn, Hogan-Cross, and Outside Consultants In assessing life insurance claims, insurers routinely use “independent” or “outside” consultants to substantiate their positions. When litigation arises, discovery into these individuals typically centers on their compensation. Trief & Olk recently had success arguing that beyond plain compensation figures, the number of claims reviewed and subsequent denial statistics were integral in evaluating ...
  • ERISA Standard of Review In Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. v. Bruch, the Supreme Court set forth a rubric controlling judicial review of ERISA benefit eligibility decisions. Under Firestone, courts are to be guided by principles of trust law in evaluating the conclusions of plan administrators. These principles of trust law require courts to review a denial ...
  • Two Year Contestability Period In the states of New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, insurance companies have two years from the date a life insurance policy is issued to contest its validity. This “contestability” period affords insurers the opportunity to investigate any potential misrepresentations on the insured’s policy application.
  • For Life Insurance Benefit and Other Claim Denials, Deadlines Matter Employees and their families often rely on their employer’s benefit plans to provide a variety of insurance protections, including life insurance, health insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, and other forms of insurance coverage.
  • Life Insurance Incontestability Clauses – Clear Rules Apply New York and New Jersey insurance law, as well as the law of many other states, requires that all insurance policies include a standard incontestability clause.
  • When Life Insurance Denials Happen, The Insurer Doesn’t Always Get the Last Word We recently secured a victory in court for our clients when we represented the sons of their deceased mother. The insurance company had issued two life insurance policies totaling $1,500,000 covering the deceased mother’s life…
  • Payment Grace Periods Can Protect Against Life Insurance Claim Denials Most life insurance policies include a grace period during which the policy remains effective despite an outstanding premium payment. The grace period provides protection to customers against life insurance claim denials by the insurance company if a premium payment is late.
  • Life Insurance Claim Denials and “Post-Claim Underwriting” Life insurance claim denials often occur because the life insurance company claims that a customer’s application contains a “material misrepresentation”.
  • Wrongful Cancellation of Life Insurance A life insurance policy is a contract between the insured and the insurance company that is intended to provide for the payment of life insurance benefits to family members or friends in the event of the policy holder’s death.
  • Superstorm Sandy and Insurance Claim Denials As relative normalcy returns to the areas affected by Superstorm Sandy, homeowners and business owners should still be wary of potentially unlawful practices that can result in insurance claim denials for damage resulting from Sandy.
  • Insurance Companies Might Not Fully Pay Hurricane Sandy Property Damage Claims The estimates of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy have exceeded $50 billion, and will likely increase as the recovery efforts persist.
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