Verdicts & Settlements

Successful Life Insurance Verdicts and Settlements

New York, New Jersey & Massachusetts
The following are a few examples of settlements or verdicts that Trief & Olk has obtained on behalf of their clients against various life insurance companies in life insurance claim denial cases.

  • Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.  (confidential settlement) (2014)
  • Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.  (confidential settlement) (2013)
  • National Union Life. Ins. Co. (confidential settlement) (2013)
  • Globe Life Ins. Co. (confidential settlement) (2012)
  • Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. ($1.5 million summary judgment) (2011)
  • First Penn-Pacific Life Ins. Co. (confidential settlement) (2011)
  • John Hancock Life Ins. Co. (confidential settlement) (2009)
  • National Western Life Ins. Co. ($1.7 million settlement) (2006)
  • Mass Mutual Life Ins. Co. (confidential settlement) (2005)
  • North Atlantic Life Ins. Co. ($75,000 settlement) (1992)
  • New York Life Ins. Co. ($125,000 settlement) (1989)
  • Lincoln National Life Ins. Co. ($250,000 jury verdict) (1984)

If you have any additional life insurance claim denial questions, please contact the life insurance attorneys at the law firm of Trief & Olk.

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