Buying and Selling Life Insurance Policies in New York

Life Insurance Denial Attorney

Before your loved one passed away, he or she decided to purchase a life insurance policy to ensure you wouldn’t be burdened with large debt and that you would have a promising future. Many grieving relatives and friends are shocked when a life insurance company decides to deny a claim, and they don’t always know where to turn next.

When your policy claim is rejected, you need to contact a life insurance denial attorney. We can help you understand the material misrepresentation that the company claims existed when your loved one purchased a policy or filed an additional document. Any alleged distortion, fallacy or discrepancy is considered a material misrepresentation, and will be used as a basis for denying your claim. Because these allegations are debatable, your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company and insist that it pay your claim.

Once you obtain legal services, the company may still choose to deny your claim. Don’t believe that a denied claim is the final decision. You still have numerous options to pursue your claim, including the appeals process, negotiations and eventually a lawsuit, if you have worked through all your other options. By procuring professional advice, you will have an excellent grasp of your probability of succeeding in getting the money owed to you by the company.

Life Insurance Denial Attorney

Beneficiaries aren’t just a number to us – we treat each new client with equal importance. In fact, when we accept a case, each client receives service from at least two senior attorneys. We pay personal attention to each and every case. Our attorneys always complete thorough research and pay great attention to detail, and that equals a better chance that your appeal or lawsuit will be a success. And by taking a team approach, we leverage the experience of our firm and its history of successful litigation.

We strive to help every new client navigate through the sometimes daunting process of reversing a claim denial. Don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with a life insurance denial attorney today. Keep in mind that there are time limitations in some states on claims, so you should contact us as soon as your claim is denied. Because so many life insurance companies are based in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, we are able to take cases from clients across the country. If your insurance company is located in one of these states, we’d like to hear more details about why your claim was denied.

Life Insurance Denial Attorney Services

Since 1987, the law firm of Trief & Olk has provided numerous legal services to a wide variety of insurance clients. If you or a loved one has a legal need, please contact us to find out more specific information about our firm or for a free consultation to discuss how our firm can help to resolve your claim denial case. Our law offices can be reached via telephone at (212) 486-6060 or by completing our confidential online form. When you fill out the form, include a detailed and thorough description of your case. We look forward to serving your needs.