Life Insurance Claim Lawsuit

When a life insurance claim is denied and the appeal is also denied, your next step is engaging in a life insurance claim lawsuit. At this stage, you need professional help from an attorney capable of successfully litigating against a big insurance company and receiving the payment that was originally provided to you by the policyholder.

Did you know that a claim denial may be based on an alleged misstatement that’s as simple as tobacco usage or dangerous hobbies? Other common misrepresentations of fact used by companies to deny claims are based on age, employment history, occupation, income, alcohol usage, assets and other life insurance policies.

Insurance companies have a set time period to investigate the honesty of statements made in life insurance applications and related documents. That contestability period for a life insurance policy varies by state. If your loved one dies during this period, expect that the company will launch an investigation as routine course. If your claim and appeal are denied, don’t be discouraged. You aren’t out of options. Our experienced attorneys are well-versed in life insurance policies, life insurance applications and insurance law. Many times, insurance companies will succumb to pressure from a reputable lawyer and settle out of court; that should be your first step when you feel that an appeal has been unfairly denied.

Life Insurance Claim Lawsuit

By using both negotiation and litigation tactics, you’ll increase your chances of receiving the sum owned you by the insurance company. If the company won’t settle, our professionals are capable of handling every stage and part of a life insurance claim lawsuit. Big insurance companies assume that most surviving loved ones won’t be savvy enough to hire an experienced attorney. Many alleged misrepresentations of fact are up for debate, so don’t assume your loved one made incorrect or fallacious statements. And don’t assume you can’t win against a big company.

Any life insurance policy agreed upon by both a policyholder and company requires certain legal obligations by the two parties, and it’s your responsibility to ensure the company doesn’t back out of its agreement. Our attorneys work hard to achieve the best possible outcome in each case we decide to pursue. By thoroughly researching the background of each specific situation, we make each case our first priority. Don’t allow a large company to pressure you into allowing it to breach the contract that it formed with your loved one.

Life Insurance Claim Lawsuit Services

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