Life Insurance Denial Lawyer

When your life insurance claim is denied, don’t accept an unfair decision and give up. In most states, insurance companies have up to two years to investigate an approved insurance policy and deny the policy or a claim. That’s a standard practice for some large companies, who can begin such investigations even after your loved one has passed away.

The official reason for many of these denied claims is “material misrepresentation”, and it’s usually based on one of several common subjects, for example tobacco usage, age or income. Material misrepresentation occurs when you purposely conceal a fact that’s relevant to whether the company approves your life insurance policy.

But don’t be dissuaded by a denied claim from a life insurance company that insists your loved one did something wrong. Most misrepresentations on life insurance forms aren’t material. In other words, even if the information had been provided when the policy holder purchased the insurance, the company still would have approved the application. That means the misrepresentation isn’t a good reason to deny your claim. If your claim has been denied, please speak with a life insurance denial lawyer to discuss your case and the options available to get the money you’re entitled to receive under your loved one’s policy.

Life Insurance Denial Lawyer

You shouldn’t feel powerless just because a big company has denied your claim. Instead, contact a life insurance denial lawyer, who can help you assert your interests and protect your rights. If we decide your case has merit, our experienced attorneys will work together in a team setting to best serve your needs. Using a thorough research process, we determine the full background of why your claim was denied and work hard to help you receive the money that was promised to the decedent.

Remember, after your claim is denied, you still have several options to recover the money that’s due you. First, we can work with you to appeal the denial and attempt to negotiate with the insurance company. If that attempt isn’t successful, we have a number of skilled and capable litigators who can argue your lawsuit in court. Because consumers are buying fewer policies today, insurance companies are more likely to scrutinize your claim and deny it, sometimes mistakenly or in bad faith. In the end, your loved one bought an insurance policy to ensure you could cover your day-to-day and long-term expenses. You deserve to continue your normal life without hardships.

Life Insurance Denial Lawyer Services

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