New York Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

Filing a life insurance claim after your loved one passes away seems like it should be a simple and quick process. You assume that when the company agreed to the policy, and your loved one’s death met the policy criteria for a claim, that there was no way the life insurance company would deny the claim.

Unfortunately, in states like New York, insurance companies have a longer time period to investigate and contest your life insurance claim on grounds of “material misrepresentation”.  In fact, in New York and states with similar policies, the contestability period extends for two years after you sign and begin a new policy. Allegations that the policyholder included incorrect or incomplete information can refer to the initial application or any supplementary document the decedent filed after initially purchasing the policy. The company might interpret a statement’s meaning incorrectly, and deny your claim based on the misinterpretation.

We suggest that you seek legal help before bringing an appeal of any denied claim. State laws can vary widely and it’s best to consult a New York life insurance claim lawyer who specializes in working with large insurance companies. You may avoid a lengthy lawsuit by consulting with a lawyer, who can leverage years of experience in negotiating with the life insurance company. A professional attorney’s involvement from our office will help you better understand how to negotiate with the company and will ensure that it doesn’t take your appeal lightly.

New York Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

When your claim is denied, please contact a New York life insurance claim lawyer in our office. We advise you to take advantage of a free consultation to determine if a chance exists that you can successfully appeal the decision and negotiate with your insurance company. Beneficiaries are already going through a difficult period, after losing a loved one. We treat each potential client with great importance and will listen intently to your situation. When we accept a case, each client receives service from at least two senior attorneys.

If all negotiation options are exhausted, our litigators are experienced in taking on big insurance companies in the court system. We know that many surviving loved ones don’t know where to turn when a claim is denied. Big insurance companies may count on that vulnerability when they investigate your claim and reject it as routine policy. Pursuing your claim won’t cost you money upfront. We will carefully review your situation, at no charge to you, and determine if grounds are present for further pursuit of an appeal or lawsuit.

New York Life Insurance Claim Lawyer Services

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