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The law firm of Trief & Olk, founded in 1987, consists of many experienced litigation Lawyers For Life Insurance Claims. During the course of our practice, we have had to litigate many claims in which insurance companies have denied life insurance claims to bereaved family members. We have settled life insurance denial claims. We also have brought claims to trial and through the appeals process. Consequently, we have developed experience in this area of law.

Trief & Olk has a reputation in legal circles as a top notch litigation firm. In fact, because of our success, we often receive referrals from law firms we have litigated against.

About Our Attorneys

Trief & Olk takes a team approach to every case we accept. Every client has at least two – and sometimes more – senior Life Insurance Denial attorneys staffing the case. Associates are never given responsibility for a case without the involvement of one or more partners. Our lawyer-to-case ratio is extremely high, thus assuring the degree of personal attention and thoroughness for which our firm is known.

Our attorneys are litigators that have achieved consistently high results throughout New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. 

Ted Trief

Ted Trief received his J.D. from Rutgers University Law School, graduating with honors in 1976. He got his B.A. in 1973 from State University of New York at New Paltz. He is a former Assistant D.A.

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Barbara Olk

Barbara Olk graduated from New York University Law School with a J.D. degree in June of 1976. Ms. Olk completed her B.A. degree in English and Political Science at the University of Rochester in 1973.

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Shelly L. Friedland

Shelly L. Friedland, who joined Trief & Olk in 2014 and became a partner in 2016, graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School, and received her B.A. in economics from Columbia University.

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Eyal Dror

Eyal Dror joined Trief & Olk in 2019. He received his J.D. from Columbia Law School, where he graduated a Kent Scholar in 2007. Prior to that, earned his B.A. from Columbia University in three years.

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We Can Help

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