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Denied FEGLI Claim Lawyer

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They are efficient, honest and will achieve the best possible outcome. Farmers had rejected my claim twice and was unwilling to take a second look. Shelly was able to get them to pay the entire claim without going to court.. Highest recommendation.

- Kathleen Bryan

Trief & Olk is a superior law firm. Their attorneys and other legal professionals have a brilliant understanding of the law and the litigation process. They diligently perform their work in an efficient, strategic and cost-effective manner to ensure the best possible outcomes for their clients.

- Christopher Hughes

I contacted the Trief & Olk law firm regarding a life insurance issue. Shelly Friedland handled the matter swiftly, courteously and professionally. The issue was settled in my favor in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her and this firm to those in need of legal assistance .

- Jim Beha

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Our experienced attorneys have negotiated or litigated a wide variety of life insurance denial cases against major insurance companies.

Denied FEGLI Claim Lawyer

Understanding FEGLI Denials and the Importance of Hiring a Denied FEGLI Claim Lawyer

For federal employees and their families, the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI) provides essential life insurance coverage.

Administered by the federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in partnership with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), FEGLI offers financial security to federal employees and their loved ones. However, when a

FEGLI claim is denied, beneficiaries often find themselves facing uncertainty and financial strain. In such cases, hiring an experienced denied FEGLI claim lawyer is crucial to navigate the complexities of FEGLI claims and secure the benefits rightfully owed.

Understanding FEGLI Claims and Denials:

Benefit Eligibility: Most federal employees and their families are eligible for

FEGLI coverage, which includes basic, optional, and family coverage. These policies are designed to provide financial protection to beneficiaries in the event of the insured’s passing.

FEGLI Claims Process: When an insured federal employee or annuitant passes away, beneficiaries must file a claim with the Office of Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (OFEGLI), a specific unit within MetLife. This initiates the process of evaluating the claim and determining the payout.

Unique Rules and Regulations: It’s important to note that FEGLI operates under its specific rules and regulations, which can sometimes differ from how life insurance policies are interpreted under state law. These unique rules can pose challenges for beneficiaries, especially when a claim is denied.

The Role of a Denied FEGLI Claim Lawyer:

Experience in FEGLI Law: FEGLI law is distinct from state insurance law, and navigating its intricacies requires specialized knowledge and experience. A denied FEGLI claim lawyer at Trief & Olk possesses the experience needed to understand the specific rules governing FEGLI policies.

Assistance with Denied Claims: If your FEGLI claim has been denied, an experienced attorney can help you challenge the denial. They will thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding the claim, gather evidence, and construct a compelling case to support your entitlement to the benefits.

Fighting for Your Rights: The denial of a FEGLI claim can have profound financial and emotional implications. A skilled lawyer will work diligently to ensure your rights are protected, advocating for the benefits your loved one intended for you and your family.

Why It’s Important to Seek Legal Counsel:

FEGLI claims can be complex, and the denial process can be challenging to navigate on your own. Moreover, life insurance laws are tightly regulated, and having an attorney who understands the nuances of FEGLI can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim.

Avoiding Common Mistakes After a Denied FEGLI Claim

Facing a denied Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI) claim can be overwhelming and distressing. Beneficiaries often make critical mistakes when dealing with these denials, which can impact their ability to secure the benefits they rightfully deserve. Here, we outline common errors to avoid and emphasize the importance of hiring an experienced life insurance trial lawyer for your FEGLI claim denial.

Mistake #1: Accepting the Denial Without Question

Understanding Your Rights: One of the most significant mistakes you can make is accepting a FEGLI claim denial without questioning it. You have the right to challenge the decision if you believe it’s unjust. Don’t assume that the denial is final; consult with a denied FEGLI claim lawyer who can assess the validity of the denial and guide you on the next steps.

Mistake #2: Not Having a Trial Lawyer Willing to Fight for You

Importance of Legal Representation: FEGLI claims can be complex, and insurance companies may be reluctant to cooperate. Having a life insurance trial lawyer who is willing to take the case to court if necessary can make a significant difference in the outcome. Insurance companies often become more willing to negotiate when they know you have strong legal representation.

Mistake #3: Hiring an Attorney Without Experience in Life Insurance

Experience Matters: Not all attorneys have experience in handling life insurance claims, let alone FEGLI claims, which have unique rules and regulations. Choosing an attorney with experience in life insurance law and FEGLI specifically is crucial to navigate the intricacies of the process effectively.

Mistake #4: Delaying Action

Time is of the Essence: Insurance claims have specific deadlines, and delays can jeopardize your ability to challenge the denial effectively. Acting promptly is essential to ensure your legal rights are protected. Consult with an attorney as soon as possible to avoid missing critical deadlines.

Mistake #5: Not Gathering Sufficient Evidence

Building a Strong Case: To challenge a denied FEGLI claim successfully, you’ll need to gather and preserve all relevant documents and evidence. This includes the policy documents, the denial letter, medical records, and any communication with the insurance company. A life insurance trial lawyer can guide you on which evidence is essential to support your case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Denied FEGLI Claims

If you’ve recently experienced the denial of a Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI) claim after the passing of a loved one, you likely have questions about what to do next. Here, we provide answers to some common questions that beneficiaries often ask an attorney when facing a denied FEGLI claim:

FEGLI claims can be denied for various reasons, including issues with policyholder designations, incomplete documentation, or disputes over beneficiaries. Our attorneys can review your case to identify the specific reason for the denial and help you address it effectively.

If your FEGLI claim is denied, the first step is to consult with an attorney experienced in FEGLI claims. They can assess the denial, review your case, and determine the appropriate course of action to challenge the decision.

Yes, it is possible to appeal a denied FEGLI claim. An attorney can help you navigate the appeals process, gather necessary evidence, and construct a strong case to support your claim.

Yes, there are deadlines for appealing a denied FEGLI claim. It’s crucial to act promptly, as missing these deadlines can impact your ability to challenge the denial effectively. An attorney can guide you on the specific timeframes relevant to your case.

To strengthen your appeal, gather all relevant documents, including the policy, denial letter, medical records, and any communication with the insurance company. Your attorney will help you determine which evidence is essential to support your case.

While you have the option to handle the appeal on your own, having an attorney with experience in FEGLI claims can significantly improve your chances of success. The legal nuances and complexities involved make legal representation advisable.

If the insurance company is uncooperative or unwilling to negotiate, an attorney can apply legal pressure to expedite the process. In some cases, legal action may be necessary to compel the insurance company to fulfill its obligations.

Many denied FEGLI claim attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if you win your case. This arrangement allows you to pursue your claim without upfront legal fees, making it accessible to those who may be financially strained due to the denial.

Yes, you can still challenge the denial even if the policyholder has passed away. In many cases, the beneficiary has the legal standing to contest the denial and seek the benefits owed to them.

To get started with appealing your denied FEGLI claim, contact an experienced attorney who specializes in FEGLI claims, like those at Trief & Olk. They will provide you with a consultation, assess the merits of your case, and guide you through the necessary steps to challenge the denial and secure the benefits you rightfully deserve. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Denied FEGLI Claim Client Story

This client story is for educational purposes only.

In the quiet solitude of their home, Phil sat surrounded by memories of his beloved wife, Joan. Their love story had spanned decades, filled with shared laughter, dreams, and the simple joys of life. But when Joan passed away suddenly, a storm of grief and uncertainty descended upon Phil’s world.
Amidst the profound loss, Phil faced the challenging task of navigating the complexities of Joan’s Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI) claim. Joan had been a dedicated federal employee, and the FEGLI policy she held was meant to provide financial security for Phil in her absence. However, when Phil received the letter of claim denial, it was as if the ground had crumbled beneath him.

With the denial letter clutched tightly in his hand, Phil felt a mix of anger, confusion, and despair. He couldn’t comprehend how an insurance policy meant to safeguard their future could be denied at a time when he needed it the most.
In his search for answers, Phil came across Trief & Olk’s website. The promise of experienced legal help for denied FEGLI claims caught his eye, and he decided to reach out for assistance. Little did he know that this decision would change the course of his journey.

When Phil met with the compassionate attorney at Trief & Olk, he found not just a legal guide, but a source of comfort and understanding. The attorney listened attentively as Phil recounted the details of Joan’s FEGLI policy and the circumstances surrounding the denial. They assured Phil that he was not alone in this battle, and together, they would fight for the benefits Joan had intended for him.

The attorney’s experience became evident as they embarked on a thorough review of Joan’s FEGLI policy and the reasons behind the denial. With unwavering determination, they combed through every piece of documentation, gathered evidence, and built a compelling case to challenge the denial.
Weeks turned into months, but Phil never lost faith in his attorney’s dedication. The attorney’s legal prowess was matched only by their empathy for Phil’s situation. They understood that this was more than just a legal battle; it was a fight for the memory of Joan and the future she had envisioned for them.

Through persistence and unwavering commitment, Trief & Olk compelled the insurance company to reconsider its denial. Finally, the day came when Phil received the news he had been yearning for. Joan’s FEGLI benefits were rightfully his, a testament to their love and the diligent efforts of Trief & Olk.
As Phil looked at the check in his hand, tears of relief and gratitude filled his eyes. Trief & Olk had not only secured the financial support he needed but had also brought closure to a painful chapter of his life.

Contact Our Denied FEGLI Claim Lawyer

If you’ve recently faced the denial of a Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program (FEGLI) claim, we understand the challenges and uncertainties you may be experiencing. The experienced denied FEGLI claim lawyers at Trief & Olk are here to offer you guidance, support, and the legal experience needed to help you secure the benefits you rightfully deserve.

Experience in Complex FEGLI Cases:

FEGLI claims can be complex and unique, often differing from traditional life insurance claims. Our firm has extensive experience handling these intricate cases, making us a trusted choice for clients nationwide. We’re proud to be frequently referred complicated FEGLI cases by other attorneys who recognize our unparalleled knowledge and experience in this specialized field.

Complimentary Consultations and Document Review:

We understand that you may have questions and concerns about your denied FEGLI claim. That’s why we offer free consultations to discuss your case and provide you with valuable insights into your legal options. Additionally, we will review your FEGLI policy and related documents at no charge, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your situation.

Advocates for Your Rights:

Our dedicated team is committed to advocating for your rights and fighting for the benefits that were intended for you and your loved ones. We recognize the profound impact that a denied FEGLI claim can have on your life, especially during a time of loss, and we are here to help you through the process.

Don’t Face the Denial Alone:

When dealing with a denied FEGLI claim, it’s essential to have experienced legal representation on your side. We will work diligently to challenge the denial, gather necessary evidence, and construct a compelling case to support your claim. Your peace of mind and financial security are our top priorities.

Contact Us Today:

If you’ve been denied a federal employees group life insurance program (FEGLI) payout, don’t hesitate to reach out to our denied FEGLI claim lawyer for assistance. Your journey to securing the benefits you deserve begins with a simple step – contacting us. We are here to provide you with the legal support and guidance you need during this challenging time. Reach out today, and let us help you navigate the path towards a successful resolution of your FEGLI claim.

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If there is any possibility of winning your life insurance case – this is the place to do it for you. They are efficient, honest and will achieve the best possible outcome.

Shelly Friedland worked on my case where a life insurance policy had lapsed and was even a few days beyond the grace period. Farmers had rejected my claim twice and was unwilling to take a second look. Shelly was able to get them to pay the entire claim without going to court, and the full amount was deposited in my account within a couple months. Highest recommendation.

Kathleen Brown

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