Settlements & Verdicts

Successful Life Insurance Settlements and Verdicts

New York, New Jersey & Massachusetts

The following are a few examples of settlements or verdicts that Trief & Olk has obtained on behalf of their clients against various life insurance companies in life insurance claim denial cases:

William Penn Life Insurance

Victory at trial (affirmed by NY’s highest court) against William Penn Life Insurance Company, for wrongful denial in coverage based on insured’s alleged misrepresentations in the policy application, receiving the full $3 million of the policy value plus interest. View More.


Without having to file suit, obtaining full $1.2 million owed from Primerica when policy had been improperly terminated based on oral request despite policy’s requirement that termination requests be submitted in writing.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Successful appeal, recovering the full $1.5 million (plus interest) from Metropolitan Life Insurance Company to defeat MetLife’s allegation that insured misrepresented her net worth when applying for the policy.

Protective Life Insurance

Without having to file suit, obtaining the full $1 million owed (plus interest) from Protective Life Insurance when policy lapse notice was not mailed within the requisite window mandated by New York insurance law. 

Confidential Settlement

Negotiating settlement of $675,000 on policy worth $699,000, through discovery of information suggesting insurer had not sent grace period notice and may have represented to the insured that late payment was sufficient.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Victory at trial on behalf of insured’s widow, with jury finding that the insured designated our client as the beneficiary of MetLife insurance policy, not the insured’s paramour and rejecting paramour’s claim that the beneficiary designation form had been forged.

Policy Lapse

Received full amount of death benefits owed for beneficiaries of insureds who had been incapacitated due to illness and therefore were unable to pay premium on time, after obtaining medical records to demonstrate to the insurers that the insured was incapacitated, including $3 million policy from State Farm; $565,000 policy from Primerica; $500,000 policy from Farmers, and $250,000 policy from BrightHouse.