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Trief & Olk Victorious At Jury Trial

New York Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

Trief & Olk is pleased to announce a jury trial victory in Queens County Supreme Court, in March 2023, in a dispute between two claimants of a Metropolitan Life Insurance policy.  Our client, the insured’s wife, was designated as the beneficiary in a change of beneficiary form executed in China, where the insured was living […]

Challenging Life Insurance Policy Cancellations Due to Non-payment, When Non-payment Is Attributable to Incapacitation


Trief & Olk’s life insurance attorneys frequently encounter scenarios where the insured has missed premium payments at the end of their life due to serious illness or other causes of incapacitation, leading to the policy lapsing – and leaving the beneficiaries without the proceeds the insured intended them to receive. 

Trief & Olk Victorious on Appeal in $3 Million Life Insurance Case

Life Insurance Policies with Vanishing Premiums – and Vanishing Policies

UPDATED NOVEMBER 11, 2020: Trief & Olk defeated a second challenge to its successful $3 million verdict against William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York (“William Penn”).  On September 15, 2020, the New York Court of Appeals (New York’s highest court) rejected William Penn’s motion to hear its appeal of the decision of the […]

If You Want Your Children to Receive Your Life Insurance Proceeds, Designate Them as the Beneficiaries, Not a Romantic Partner, Friend, or Relative

New York Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

How to Choose Your Beneficiary Whether You are Married or Unmarried When a married person with children obtains life insurance (whether purchasing it directly or receiving it as a benefit of employment), the usual practice is to designate the spouse as the beneficiary, assuming that any life insurance proceeds would be used to support the […]

Trief & Olk Files Fraud Case Against American Income Life Insurance Co.

New York Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

Trief & Olk has filed a complaint on behalf of its client against American Income Life Insurance Company (“AIL”) in Essex County, New Jersey, alleging that AIL and its agents misled its customers (the beneficiary of the life insurance policy and her now-deceased husband), persuading them to purchase $5,000 in whole life insurance coverage and […]

Insurer’s Late Notice of Premium Due Leads to $1 Million Payment for Trief & Olk Client

Buying and Selling Life Insurance Policies in New York

Individuals who have purchased life insurance in New York are protected by certain provisions of New York’s insurance law, so that policies cannot be canceled or payment denied for failure to pay the premiums on time without the insurance company providing adequate notice.  If the proper notice is not provided, the policyholder has the benefit […]

Divorce Impacts Insurance Coverage Decisions


When a marriage ends in divorce, the parties’ attorneys should address issues relating to life insurance to ensure the parties’ intentions are fulfilled years later when an ex-spouse dies.  For example, the parties can include a provision in the divorce agreement requiring the party paying alimony and/or child support to maintain life insurance for the […]