Life Insurance Denial Lawsuit

Thousands of life insurance claims are denied each year by companies that say the policy application misrepresents facts about your loved one. The news media report that the amount of money denied to beneficiaries has doubled in the past decade. The reason isn’t one you’d suspect, such as foul play.

The rise in denied claims, and the reason some beneficiaries must file a life insurance denial lawsuit, is “material misrepresentation”. The insurance company can allege that your loved one did not complete a form or left something off a form, and choose to deny your claim. Many families have been left unable to make house payments or send their children to school because a life insurance policy claim was denied. They made every payment on the policy and insisted that they didn’t do anything wrong. Many claims are denied for reasons completely unrelated to the policyholder’s cause of death.

Instead of looking for flaws in the policy application, companies operating in states such as California have two years after you sign a policy to revoke coverage or deny claims. The most common alleged misrepresentations include age, income, tobacco or alcohol usage, employment history, occupation, assets, dangerous traits or hobbies, and other life insurance policies. When a claim is denied, remember that you have the right to negotiate with the company, even if it’s one of the largest life insurance companies in the U.S.

Life Insurance Denial Lawsuit

In some cases, only the threat of a lawsuit can bring a large life insurance company to settle with you and pay your claim. Many beneficiaries feel helpless and don’t know where to turn. You shouldn’t let a large company take advantage of you, even though dealing with a denied insurance claim is the last thing on your mind after losing a loved one. Dealing with insurance problems is easier when you work with a strong team that’s experienced in fighting for clients’ rights against big insurance companies.

After you contact us, if we feel you have a strong case for appealing a claim denial, a team of at least two senior attorneys will focus their energy on researching your situation. During your appeal, our experienced professionals will negotiate with the company in your best interests. If the appeal isn’t successful, our stable of experienced litigators can bring a life insurance denial lawsuit against the company, and will ensure you have your day in court.

Life Insurance Denial Lawsuit Services

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