Superstorm Sandy and Insurance Claim Denials

As relative normalcy returns to the areas affected by Superstorm Sandy, homeowners and business owners should still be wary of potentially unlawful practices that can result in insurance claim denials for damage resulting from Sandy. Some insurance companies may employ the use of unlawful tactics to delay or avoid paying out valid insurance damage claims. These tactics range from requiring claimants to fill out the same claim documentation repeatedly, or maintaining that damage to homes and businesses was not actually caused by Sandy.

For many insurance claims, the insurer may issue an insurance claim denial by arguing that the damage caused was flood damage rather than wind damage.  While an insurance policy may cover wind damage, it may not cover flood damage.  It is essential that claimants are careful in their selection of claims, in the event that their insurance claim is wrongfully denied.

It is also critical for homeowners and business owners to have the most recent copies of their insurance policies available when they submit their Superstorm Sandy insurance claims.  Homeowners and business owners must be aware of the terms, covered items and exclusions in their insurance policies, so that they can be vigilant against the tactics that insurers may use to issue insurance claim denials, even when a valid damage claim has been submitted.  Finally, homeowners and business owners should be careful to be sure that they have the proper supporting documentation for their claims, and that they are aware of all deadlines which apply to the filing of their claims.

If you have a Hurricane Sandy property damage claim, and you are concerned that your losses might not be fully paid by your insurance company, or that your insurance company has wrongfully denied your insurance claim, please feel free to reach out to us at (917) 914-2005. 

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